Edward White's map of Ipswich: 1867
Ipswich Historic Lettering: map 1867
Muriel Clegg (see Reading List) from The way we went (1989) on the creation of Paving and Lighting Commissioners in Ipswich:
"Conditions of town life were changing rapidly [by the mid-19th century] and each change demanded powers of control beyond the scope of existing municipal authorities. Population was increasing and with it a sudden density of housing in central areas, soon followed by an expansion into what had once been countryside. In Ipswich nothing brings home more vividly the impact of these changes than a comparison of Pennington's map of Ipswich, 1778, with that of White 1867. The large gardens, orchards and open spaces of 1778 have given way to the dense housing pattern of 1867."

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