Waste bricks in walls

Gainsborough Road/Tuddenham Road
corner wall
Spotted in one of those higgledy-piggledy mixed brick walls round a garden on the corner of Gainsborough Road and Tuddenham Road, Ipswich. Many of the elements appear to be vitrified (over-fired) and/or mis-shapen material.
Ipswich Historic Lettering: Mobberley brick


The words on the first and third lines of the text must surely be 'Special' and 'Quality'. If anyone can complete this inscription, do contact us.

Mobberley & Bayley, Lye, Stourbridge

Samuel Mobberley and James Porter Bayley were a trading partnership prior to 1866 but not before 1859, at the Thorns Fireclay & Brickworks, Kingswinford, and at the Cradley Station colliery, Cradley Heath. They were producing Fireclay & Manufacturing / House Coal. Also listed was a Mobberley & Perry of Merry Hill, (the same Samuel Mobberley), in the list of Fireclay mines in South Staffordshire dated 1875. However, both Mobberley & Bayley filed for proceedings under the bankruptcy act in May 1879, when the company was wound up in liquidation, their creditors received 2 shillings & sixpence in the pound. Bayley had no assets, but Mobberley had (in partnership with Perry). Mobberley & Bayley do not appear in any trade directories after 1882, but Mobberley & Perry appear in the 1896 directory as owning:-

MERRY HILL     BRIERLEY HILL                "                             "          11           "               "                    "             3
THORNS (part)               "             "                    "                             "          17           "               "                    "             6

These were producing RED, BLUE & FIRECLAY BRICKS, GLASS RETORTS & other refractory items from the Oldbury Marl seam.

They go on to take over the OLDNALL colliery by 1923, and BEECH TREE by 1933, Thorns being depleted by 1920. Only Beech Tree was in production in 1947, producing Fireclay, thick coal and brooch.

Ipswich Historic Lettering: Mobberley Perry brickPhotograph courtesy Old Bricks website
Mobberley & Perry Ltd, Stourbridge
Mobberley & Perry was at The Hayes, Lye, Stourbridge, West Midlands.  The brickworks for building bricks was on the main Stourbridge Road in Wollacote and the Firebrick works was in Hayes Lane.  George Attwood worked the brickworks untill 1840, then Fisher Bros. worked the brickworks until Mobberley & Perry took over the brickworks, the works closed in the late 1960s.
[Information from the excellent website Old Bricks - history at your feet (see Links); thanks to David Sallery for permission to use the 'Mobberley & Perry brick image.]

Rushmere Road/Colchester Road corner wall
On the north-eastern corner of this roundabout, is a typical example of such a garden wall as seen on the Gainsborough Road/Tuddenham Road corner. While there isn't any obvious lettering (we haven't looked on the inside of the wall), it is interesting to look at the variety of 'wasters' from the kiln, pieces of tile etc. use to make this patchwork contained within red brick walling.
Ipswich Historic Lettering: Rushmere Road wall 22020 images
The ultimate feature is frog face of the near-upright brick, overcooked and mishapen in the kiln.
Ipswich Historic Lettering: Rushmere Road wall 3   Ipswich Historic Lettering: Rushmere Road wall 4
And let's just look at the way these modern, thin metal street nameplates degrade in the weather:
Ipswich Historic Lettering: Rushmere Road sign
Compare this with the Victorian/Edwardian cast iron plates, as seen on Cutler Street, Dove Yard and elsewhere.

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