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A remarkable map resource became available via the internet in October 2013. It is hosted by the National Library of Scotland***, but has historic maps of other places including Ipswich right down to street level. By clever jiggery-pokery the Google Earth mapping has been co-ordinated with maps made in the past; a slider enables the period map to become transparent over a satellite view. Below we give links to some specific maps of our area; unfortunately, some of the date ranges are a bit broad.

NLS has uploaded a contiguous set of 1884 and 1902 sheet maps (25" to the mile) with much detail of Ipswich, all zoomable to explore detail. Now includes a slider to gradually reveal the modern street layout (satellite image). We consider these to be the best historic maps of Ipswich available on the web at the moment:
Ipswich Historic Lettering: map 1884 thumbIpswich 1884 map

Ipswich 1903/4 map Ipswich Historic Lettering: map 1902 thumb

Some of the other options have rather broad date-ranges...
Ipswich Historic Lettering: NLS map sheet
(***In the NLS 'Map images' resource you can access and view over 48,000 maps as high-resolution, colour, zoomable images. The maps date between 1560 and 1961 and relate primarily to Scotland; however, they also have a small selection of maps beyond Scotland, including maps of England, Ireland, Great Britain and Belgium. With careful navigation, maps on individual sheets can be viewed (as the example above). The piece de resistance of the NLS resource is the continuous mapping over England, Wales and most of Scotland, all zoomable.)

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