Wells, Somerset

Blake Sanders spotted this vestigial advertisement on a former bakery in August 2021.

Ipswich Historic Lettering: Wells, Somerset Hovis ad   Ipswich Historic Lettering: Wells, Somerset Hovis ad
This Hovis advertisement tells a story. Presumably the house owners were scraping away at the masonry paint and discovered it; one assumes that Hovis originally hired a sign-writer to paint the advert. Two pictures of loaves and, undoubtedly some other lost lettering. There are certainly two (earlier?) ‘HOVIS’ signs in vertical capitals. There was probably a suitable slogan such as ‘... for FOOD VALUE – it’s richer in VITAMINS … Best Bakers Bake it’. Hovis used many straplines. It's a very curious use of an umlaut-like shape above the ‘O’ seen throughout the vintage signs and adverts. It’s striking that this is an early, ubiquitous use of brand advertising; see also ‘Bovril’ (wouldn’t happen today), or ‘Hoover’ – even today we do the vacuuming with a Dyson and call it ‘hoovering’.

See also the traditional green-and-gold ‘HOVIS’ sign in Bramford Road, Ipswich; no longer a baker’s, of course.

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