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See our Warwick Road page (last passage) for notes on house-naming and house-numbering.
Names are painted, carved and moulded on buildings and structures all over the town, although building-naming seems to have gone out of fashion in the 21st century. This page aims to list, alphabetically in one place, those examples on the website.

14 North Gate, 14 Northgate Street
Aberdeen Cottages 1876, 30-36 Alston Road
Acacia Cottage 1894, 83-85 Derby Road
Adela Cottages 1879, 38-40 York Road
Agra Villa, 72 Belle Vue Road
Alan Cottages, 15-17 Phoenix Road
Alandale, 54 Broom Hill Road

Aldeburgh Gardens, Crabbe Street
Alexandra Terrace F.L.S. 1903, 19-21 Kings Avenue
Allegro Cottages 1891, 125-127 Cauldwell Hall Road
Alpha Place 1875, 174 Rosehill Road
Alston Cottages, 14-20 Alston Road
Ardire Cottages., 339-341 Cauldwell Hall Road
Ardire Villa A.D.1883, 31 Warwick Road
Arthur Cottages, 323-325 Cauldwell Hall Road
Ashanti Villas, 208-210 Rosehill Road
Ashbrooke Cottages, 72a Cauldwell Hall Road
Ashley House, 64 Broom Hill Road

Baden-Powell Cottages, 230-232 Bramford Lane
Bartholomew Villas 1895, 199 Rosehill Road
Bank, Cornhill
Bank, Thoroughfare
Batemans Villa A.D. 1876, 103 Newton Road
Baths, Fore Street
Beaufort Buildings, 133 Norwich Road
Beaumont Terrace, 97 Felixstowe Road
Bedford Villas F.L.S. 1885, 5 Malvern Close
Belle Vue Villas 1891, 228-236 Woodbridge Road
Belgrave Villa, 34 Broom Hill Road

Belmont Villa 1895, 252 Bramford Road
Berry's Terrace, 61-63 York Road
Bethesda, 9a St Margaret's Plain
Bilney Cottages 1883, 5-7 Newton Road
Bishops Hill, Bishops Hill retaining wall
Bloomfield Terrace, 64-66 Newton Road
Bloomfield's Villas, 5-7 Bostock Road
Blooming Fuchsia, 167 Foxhall Road
Blue Gown Villas 1877 142 Foxhall Road
Bolton Terrace 1882, 17 St Georges Street
Bosmere Terrace, 590-592 Bramford Road
Boys School 1872, 291 Spring Road
Bristol Terrace F.L.S. 1904, 24-26 Schreiber Road
Britannic House, 28 Princes Street
Brondesbury Cottages 1894, 87-89 Derby Road
Byculla Villas 1893, 31-33 Belle Vue Road
Byles Terrace F.L.S. 1910, 3-5 Kings Avenue
Carrefour Selous 1893, 91 Belle Vue Road
Castle Rock,  20-22 Broom Hill Road

Cauldwell Hall Buildings, 331-333 Cauldwell Hall Road
Cavendish Buildings 1895, 265 Cavendish Buildings
Central Livery & Bait Stables, Princes Street
Ceylon Buildings 1896, 189 Cavendish Street
Chester Villas 1899, 212 Cauldwell Hall Road
Chevallier Terrace 1880, 137-143 Felixstowe Road
Chilver's Villas, 15-17 Bostock Road
Christ's Hospital Buildings, 15 Wherstead Road
Claremont Terrace 1891, 79-81 Belle Vue Road
Clarence House, St Margaret's Green
Claydon Hall Dairy, 135 Bramford Lane
Clement Cottages, 66 York Road
Cleveland Terrace, 274 Cavendish Terrace
Clovelley, 56 Broom Hill Road

Clyde Cottages 1870, Nelson Road see Glyde Cottages
Clifton Villas 1895, 117-119 Cavendish Street
Cobden Cottages, 64-66 Cauldwell Hall Road
Cock & Pye, 13 Upper Brook Street
Coleman Buildings 1836, 137 London Road
Commemoration Buildings 1897, 6 Fore Street
Commerce Chambers, 12 High Street
Commercial Buildings, AD 1879, 443 Bramford Road
Confectionery Works, Woodbridge Road
Congress Terrace 1878. W.G. 12-14 Spring Road
Connaught Buildings 1878, 179 Woodbridge Road
Connaught House 1887, 207 Woodbridge Road
Conservative Club 1902, Newton Road
Constantine Terrace F.L.S. 1898., 427-429 Bramford Road
Cornhill Chambers, 9 Thoroughfare
Cornfield, F.L.S. 1897, 389-391Bramford Road
Co-op, 89 Austin Street (sign on Vernon Street)
Coronation Cottages 1902, 69-71 Levington Road
Crown & Anchor Hotel, 10-14 Westgate Street
Crown Office, Crown Street
Clyde Cottage's 1870, Nelson Road
Cranfield Court, Chelsworth Avenue, facing Tuddenham Road roundabout
Croydon Watchmaker & Jeweller, 50-52 Tavern Street
Cumberland Terrace 1877, 205-207 Bramford Road
Cumberland Terrace, 21-23 Cumberland Street
Curzon Terrace F.L.S. 1903, 44-46 Schreiber Road
Cyclamen Cottages 1883, 89-91 York Road
Dashwood's Villas, 27-28 Bostock Road
Deans Villas A.D. 1869, Felixstowe Road
Devonion Cottages 1882, 269-271 Cavendish Street
Devonshire Terrace F.L.S. 1898, 48-50 Philip Road
Doric House, 28 Christchurch Street
Durbar Terrace F.L.S. 1903, 64-66 Schreiber Road
East End Terrace 1875/8 [obscured], 34-54 Alston Road
Ebeneezer Cottages, 33-39 Alston Road
E. Brand & Sons, 30 Tacket Street
Edgehill, 60 Broom Hill Road18981898
Edme Bakery, 4 Dog's Head Street
Elliott Street Bakery, Elliott Street, 66a Gibbons Street
Electric House, Lloyds Avenue
The Elms,  259 Cauldwell Hall Road
Emperor, 293 Norwich Road
EUR, 36-38 Croft Street
Ewers Grey-Green Coaches, Old Foundry Road
Ewers Grey-Green Coaches, St Margaret's Street
Exchange Chambers, 3 King Street
Fern Cottages 1896, 91-93 Derby Road
Florence Terrace 1891, 43-45 Belle Vue Road
Florence Villas 1895, 195-197 Cauldwell Hall Road
Fuchsia Row, Foxhall Road
Deans Villas 1869, 113 Felixstowe Road
Eddy Stone Villa, 134-136 Cavendish Street
Farringdon Villas 1888, 193 Woodbridge Road
Freehold Terrace A.D. 1877, 172-174 Cauldwell Hall Road
Gainsborough House (St Margaret's Church Centre), Bolton Lane
Garden Villas 1891, 256-258 Cauldwell Hall Road
Garratt Memorial Hall 1632, Bolton Lane
Geneva Cottages 1903, 25-27 Schreiber Road
Glyde Cottages 1870, Nelson Road
Gestingthorpe Cottages 1895, 25-31 Alston Road
Giles Circus
Glenhurst, 71-75 Cauldwell Hall Road
The Globe (former public house), 4 St Georges Street
The Golf Hotel, 748 Foxhall Road
Graham Villas, FLS 1903, 17-19 Broom Hill Road
Grange Terrace 1895, 287-289 Cauldwell Hall Road
Great White Horse Hotel, 43 Tavern Street
Green's Cottages 1874, 80 Newton Road
Grey Coat Boys & Blue Coat Girls Charity School, Curriers Lane
'Grindlewald', 338 Felixstowe Road
Grosvenor Villas, F.L.S. 1899, 345-347 Bramford Road
Grove Bakery 1904, 198 St Helens Street
Grove Cottages 1880, The Grove
Grove Terrace, FLS 1904, 29-31 Broom Hill Road

Halberd Inn, 15 Northgate Street
Hales Chemist, 12 St Helens Street
Henslow Cottages 1899, 47-49 Nelson Road
Henslow Terrace 1868, 1 Henley Road
Henslow Terrace F.L.S. 1902,  Henslow Road
Heron Villas F.L.S. 1880, 12 Malvern Close
Hill Cottage 1865, 33-35 Cumberland Street
Hill House 1863', 52 Nelson Road
Hillside Villas 1891, 6-8 Belle Vue Road
Holland House, 9 Burlington Road
Holmewood, 501 Wherstead Road
Home Cottage 1889, 24a Palmerston Road
Honiton House F.L.S 1892', Cromwell Square
IBH, Argyle Street/St Helens Street corner
Industrial Villa 1870, 33-35 Dillwyn Street
Ipswich Board School 1872, Argyle Street
Ipswich Board School, 31 Elm Street
Ipswich Board School... Bramford Road School, Bramford Road
Ipswich Conservative Club, St Stephen's Church Lane
Ipswich High School, 26 Westerfield Road
Ipswich Loco Men's Club & Institute, Station Street
Ipswich Ragged School ... Boys School, Waterworks Street
Ipswich Ragged School
... Girls School, Bond Street
ITFC, Alf Ramsey Way
Ivy House, 4 Tomline Road
Ivy Villas 1891, 50-52 Belle Vue Road
J.G.L. Gooding's Cottages 1899, 97-99 Derby Road
Jubilee Bakery 1887, 55 Station Street
Kenmore, 29 Crabbe Street
Kentish Terrace 1882, 294? Cavendish Street
Kerrison Villa, 42 Palmerston Road
King Street (vestiges of street name)
Kirby Cottage, 2 Belstead Road
Khartoum Villa 1885, 30-32 Palmerston Road
Klondyke Terrace 1897, 304-306 Cavendish Street
Kossuth Cottage J.T.S. 1851, SJM 07, 16 Freehold Road
La Belle Villas 1891, 55-57 Belle Vue Road
Landsdowne Cottages 1893, 40-42 Upper Cavendish Street
Le-Treport 1923, 1 Palmerston Road
Lincs, The 1930, Pitcairn Road
Lloyds Avenue, Cornhill
London Lodge 1902, 257 Cauldwell Hall Road
Long Reign, 248 Bramford Road
Lorrimore Villas 1882, 98-100 Cauldwell Hall Road
Lydia Cottages 1868, 10 Nelson Road
Mannings, 8 Cornhill
Maple Terrace, FLS 1904, 53-55 Broom Hill Road

Marlborough House,1891, 83 Tomline Road
Marlborough House 1903 (and a range of Marlborough Road house name plaques)
Maud Cottages, 11-13 Phoenix Road
May Villas 1893, 40 Belle Vue Road
Meremayd, 17 Fore Street
Methodist Mission Room, 39 Vernon Street
Mile End see Coleman Buildings
Mill, The, College Street
Minton Terrace F.L.S. 1895, 175-177 Cavendish Street
Mishama House 1897, 254 Bramford Road
Morel Villas 1891, 267-269 Cauldwell Hall Road
Morpeth House, Lacey Street
Morpeth Villa 1876, Alpe Street
Mrs Smith's Alms Houses, 27 Elm Street
Nankin Villa, 70 Belle Vue Road
Nelson's Cottages 1870, Nelson Road
Newark Lodge, 1 Anglesea Road
Newton Cottage, 14 Nottidge Road
Norfolk House, 27 Seymour Road
Old Bell, Bridge Street
Olive Villas, 41-45 Alston Road
Omdurman Cottages 1899, 216-218 Bramford Lane
Orchard Villas 1891, 252 and 254 Cauldwell Hall Road
Orford Villas FLS 1903, 5-7 Broom Hill Road
Orianda Terrace 1879, 174 Foxhall Road
Orwell Cottages 1877,  S  H, 18-20 Newton Road
Ostrich Terrace 1925, 570-572 Wherstead Road
Oxford Villas F.L.S. 1887, between 227 and 235 Felixstowe Road
Paget Villas 1872 , 4 Paget Road
Parade Cottages 1895, 22-24 Parade Road
Parade Field Terrace 1849, 10-12 Belvedere Road
Park Terrace F.L.S. 1908, 39-41 Kings Avenue
Park View, 100 Back Hamlet
Pathology, Ivry Street, side of Ivry House
Paxton Buildings F.L.S. 1893, 273-275 Cavendish Street
Pembroke Villas 1899, 217 and 219 Cauldwell Hall Road
Percy Cottages, 14 Crabbe Street
Persevering Terrace 1878, 196-198 Bramford Lane
Peters Ice Cream, 52-58 Grimwade Street
Plantation House 1872, 11-13 Burlington Road
Pleasant Villas 1884, R.S., 336 Bramford Road
Plemont 1896, 30 Belle Vue Road
Police Station, Princes Street, Town Hall
Post Office, Cornhill
Price, Tacket Street, corner with Lower Brook Street
Primitive Methodist Chapel, Rope Walk
Primrose Terrace May 17 1883, 23-27 Ranelagh Road
Prior Memorial, St Mary Le Tower Church House, Oak Lane
Prospect Cottages, 1878, 467-469 Bramford Road
Prospect House, 38 Christchurch Street (corner with Cemetery Road)
Providence Place 1864, 46-48 St Georges Street
Providence Terrace, 266 and 268 Cauldwell Hall Road
Public Library, Northgate Street
Purplett Terrace 1884,17/19 Purplett Street
Record Reign 1897, 56 Rectory Road

Quill Court, 4-6 Elm Street
Randall's Villas, 6-8 Bostock Road
Ranelagh Road Council School, Paul's Road
Ransomes, Wykes Bishop Street
Red House Villas 1866, 394-396 Woodbridge Road
Regent, 3 St Helens Street
Regent Terrace 1875 J.J. Head. Builder, 55-57 Alan Road
Rest, The 1929, Pitcairn Road
Richmond House, 135 Cauldwell Hall Road
Rose & Crown Brewery, Bramford Road, rear of 77 Norwich Road
Royal Oak House 1895, 188 Felixstowe Road
Ruskin House, Foxhall Road
(Russell) Villas, 117 Belle Vue Road
St George's Terrace, 1876, 310-12
Cauldwell Hall Road
St Johns Terrace, 1899, 298-300 Cauldwell Hall Road
St Peters Hall, St Peters Street
Salem Chapel, St George's Street
The Sailors Rest, 8 St Peters Street
Saint Matthew's Hall, Clarkson Street
Salisbury Terrace 1899, 375-7 Woodbridge Road
Santiago Villas, 31-33 Christchurch Street
Scarborow, 1 Dial Lane
Schreiber Terrace F.L.S. 1902, 84-86 Schreiber Road
Sennitt's, 18 Carr Street
Silverdale Terrace, 99-101 Belle Vue Road
Southdown, FLS 1901, Henniker Road
Southfleet Villas, 27-29 Belle Vue Road
Sporle's Villas, 14-16 Bostock Road
Spring Villas , 4-6 Ashmere Grove
Symonds, 12 Upper Brook Street
Stanley Cottages, 7-9 Phoenix Road

StanleyVillas 1910, 12-14 Newton Road
Station Terrace, 202-204 Rosehill Road
Stoke Hall, formerly The People's Hall, Stoke Street
Suffolk Road Stores, Suffolk Road, corner with Tuddenham Road
Suffolk Victoria Nursing Institute, 1903, 7 Lower Brook Street
Sun Buildings, Princes Street
Swan Inn 1707, King Street
Sydney Cottages 1894, 79-81 Derby Road
Teddy's Terrace 1925, 542-544 Wherstead Road
Tel El Kebir Cottage, 1891, 360 Bramford Road
Telolmakouta House 1897, 2 Surbiton Road
Temple of Remembrance, off Cemetery Lane
Tennyson House 1892, 202 Foxhall Road
TFL, Gaye Street
Thompson's Dwellings 1927, 522-524 Bramford Road
Thornley Place, Waterloo Road
Thirty Two, 32 Queen Street
Thirza, 1927, 537 Bramford Road
Thompson's Dwellings 1927, 522-524 Bramford Road
Tramway Place, 129 St Helens Street
Trinity Cottages 1893, 237-239 Cavendish Street
Trinity House buoy, Bridge Street
Trinity Vicarage, 12 Rosehill Road
Turners Buildings, 14-16 St Helen's Street
Tyler Terrace 1884, 14/16 Tyler Street
Uncle Tom's Cabin, 198 Vernon Street
Unicorn Brewery, Foundation Street
Unicorn, Orwell Place
Upland Gate, 39 Bishops Hill
V.A. Marriott, Handford Road
Vale Villas, 138-140 Cavendish Street
Valley View, FLS 1901, Henniker Road
Valley-View Villas 1891, 22-24 Belle Vue Road
Venice Buildings, 124-126 Cavendish Street
Viaduct Terrace 1891, 58-60 Belle Vue Road
Vicarage, 165-7 Woodbridge Road
Victor Cottages, 92-94 Cauldwell Hall Road
Victoria Terrace, 1897, 299-301 Cauldwell Hall Road
Victoria Wing, Ivry Street (Anglesea Heights car park)
Vigilant Villas '1893' 181-183 Ranelagh Road
Wannock Glen, 20-22 Broom Hill Road
Warton Terrace, 107-109 Belle Vue Road
West Villas, 141 Cauldwell Hall Road
Whitethorn Cottages 1869, Nelson Road
Windermere Terrace 1904, 137-139 Foxhall Road
Winterbourne Cottages 1879, 55-61 Alston Road
Woodbine Cottage, 8-10 Nottidge Road
Woolpit Cottages 1877, 17-23 Alston Road
York Terrace, 11-13 York Road
Zagazig House 1894, 256 Bramford Road
Zoar, Zoar Baptist Chapel, St Helens Street

For notes and an exemplar map about house-naming see the bottom of our Brickyards page under Broom Hill.
For a note about house-numbering see our Ruskin House page.

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